Idaho 7 ® Brand J 007

Idaho 7® Brand J 007 is a new hop managed by YCR.  Developed by Jackson Hop in Wilder, ID, it exhibits a pungent, bold aroma with notes of berry, bubblegum, citrus, stone fruit, and tropical fruit. It is a high yielding cultivar with dense cones and works well in a variety of beer styles.

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Idaho 7 ® Brand J 007

Field Notes

 Alpha Acid  9.5-14%
 Beta Acid  3.5-5%
 Total Oil  1-2 ml/100g
 Cohumulone  30%
 Myrcene  45-55%
 Humulene  10-20%
 Caryophellene  6-10%
 Farnesene  0.5-1%
 B-Pinene  0.4-0.8%

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