Mosaic® Brand HBC 369

Mosaic® Brand HBC 369 aroma hop variety was released by Hop Breeding Company in 2012. Mosaic® hops offer a unique and complex blend of floral, citrus, berry, tropical, and stone fruit characteristics that translate very favorably into a variety of beer styles. The Mosaic® Brand name is derived from the artistic assortment of aromas and flavors it is capable of presenting. Mosaic® Brand HBC 369 is the daughter of the Simcoe® Brand YCR 14 hop variety and a Nugget-derived male.

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Mosaic® Brand HBC 369

Field Notes

Anticipated Yield (lb/ac) 1800-2200 lbs
Alpha acids 11.5%-13.5%
Beta Acids 3.2%-3.9%
Cohumulone (% of alpha acids) 24%-26%
Total Oils (Mls. per 100 grams of dried hops) 1.0%-1.5%
Myrcene (as % of total oils) 47%-53%
Caryophyllene (as % of total oils) 5.2%-7.8%
Humulene (as % of total oils) 13%-16%
Farnesene (as % of total oils) 0%-0%
Storage (% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20 degrees C) 75%

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