Introducing Loral™ Brand HBC 291 cv.

Introducing Loral™ Brand HBC 291 cv.

Yakima, Washington – Hop Breeding Company, the joint venture between the John I Haas and Select Botanicals Group breeding programs is excited to announce the release of HBC 291. This new release will be marketed and sold under the brand LORAL™ along with CITRA®, and MOSAIC®, as part of Hop Breeding Company’s hop portfolio.

LORAL™ brand hops have a noble heritage that straddles the fence between old and new world hop aromatics, and are truly complementary to all styles of beer. LORAL™ has been described as very pleasant with a floral, citrus, peppery, aroma along with some dark fruit character. It is our sincerest expectation that LORAL™ will be an excellent addition to your next great beer recipe.

Please be on the lookout for LORAL™, which is available from both John I Haas and Yakima Chief-Hopunion

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Posted May 02, 2016