Our Footprints in the Community

Our Footprints in the Community

In the spring of 2017 we were contacted by the Landing Zone Grace Warriors Retreat Foundation (LZ-Grace) with a request to support their amazing program. LZ-Grace was established in 2014 in Virginia Beach, VA, to create a peaceful retreat for combat weary warriors and their families. It is a family farm built with the goal of providing a sanctuary for rest, renewal and hope to Special Operations Forces as they transition from combat to life at home. LZ-Grace utilizes recreational based therapies, life skills instruction, and post transition planning to assist with achieving their goal.

One of the many opportunities available to veterans at LZ-Grace is farming, and one of the crops they are cultivating is hops. The One Red Maple Hop Yard initially established as a farming project, will eventually transition to a “for profit” entity to assist with generating funding to support LZ-Grace. The intention is to sell the hops produced at One Red Maple Hop Yard to local breweries, many of which are Veteran owned.

LZ-Grace reached out to Select Botanicals Group to discuss incorporating our aptly named Warrior® hops into their program. We could not have been more honored, and donated Warrior® hops in 2017 to be used by The Young Veterans Brewing Company for brewing a specialty beer. We will be expanding our support for this incredible organization over the next several years, and are humbled by the work they are doing. 

Posted April 03, 2018