Phil Huff

Agronomist - BT Loftus Ranches - Yakima, WA

Phil is a Clemson University graduate with a degree in Horticulture. He has spent his entire life in the Southeast and was ecstatic about having the opportunity to explore a new field, while also having a chance to travel and experience new things. He hopes his horticulture and business background will allow him to learn and combine the science and business aspects of the hops industry. He is eager to learn about farm management and aspects of supply chain management. In addition to gleaning as much knowledge regarding the breeding and brewing process as possible, his goal for the summer is to assimilate and apply wisdom from the staff of Select Botanicals Group for his future career application. He hopes by the end of the internship he will have a better understanding of where he fits into this burgeoning industry as well as experience with networking with his supervisors, guest brewers, and breeders and fellow interns. He could not be more excited for all that this summer and future holds!

Phil  Huff